Franchise Benefits

Introducing the world’s first mobile game franchise opportunity!
This is the first time a mobile game investment opportunity that has ever been launched globally. Investors will be entitled to own a level within the game developed by the Project M Studio team. With this proprietorship, investors are granted full access to name, design, manage and promote their own level.

How It Works

  • Project Miner Franchise is offering the world’s first mobile game franchise opportunity by introducing a new game concept, “owning” a “mining level” within a game.
  • Your mining level will be developed by the team and as above mentioned, you will have full rights to it. This is a novel way of participating in the launch of the game. (Full training is made available via our support team along with online manuals and video tutorials on our website)
  • We know that flexibility and freedom are of paramount importance to investors in this business. Anyone, anywhere can own a mining level and become part of our game platform The key advantage of this franchise over many others is that it can be managed from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • There are different sizes of mines available, and the cost of each mine is dependent on the size of mine you choose. The bigger the mine, the more time the player spends digging for gold creating higher revenue for the investor.
Franchise Benefits
First franchise opportunity

First franchise opportunity in the fastest growing market worldwide.

No prior industry experience or knowledge required

No prior industry experience or knowledge required, training and support will be fully provided.

Low entry level

Low entry level

3 year investment term

3 year investment term.

Tangible Franchise

Tangible Franchise with a re-sellable value worth.

Returns paid quarterly

Returns paid every quarterly with zero delay or hassle.



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